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We offer a diverse group of services that are tailored to local businesses needs.
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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service. 

We incorporate your specific needs into a well managed Team Cleaning Program.
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Central Michigan Marketing Services:
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Central Michigan Service business is a business that sells services directly to  businesses that need assistance with their marketing services, from ad sales, ad designs and layouts to website design services.

Our services are intangible in nature, they only appearing when required by the consumer and you, which makes the nature of this type of business very different from that of others.

Some services we offer include consulting services for your marketing, advertising services, business services, copy right services, and education of the importants of this.

Marketing any type of business can be tricky, because people are selling an intangible idea rather than a product. Marketing often focuses on showcasing the results and on pushing customer service or product.  We help develop a values to suggest that people will have a positive experience when they work with your  business.

We help demonstrate a high success rate with particular types of service or product to attract customers, while a restaurant might pride itself on providing customer service of very high quality, which makes diners feel like honored guests a service company may need to show case it service offering.

Starting this type of marketing for your  business can be less than you think with a return of sales .

.Depending on the business, much less capital investment may be required than you think.

For example, a computer support technician could easily work out of a personal vehicle, traveling to clients to provide support services, but if you don’t develop a sales stratagem to drive customer to you, you could fall short of your gouls


Running a business is appealing to many people who are interested in working independently.

Such businesses can often be operated by a single person, who may  need help expand the business later.
Lets us put our skills to work for you in a variety of ways you my not know about.

 Let someone who has the knowledge and skills that may be valuable to you and help you turn your dream of owning your own business into a livelihood that allows you that in depends to do what you do best, run and manage your business

We blend our marketing service elements into all type of business.

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