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We offer a diverse group of services that are tailored to local businesses needs.
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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service. 

We incorporate your specific needs into a well managed Team Cleaning Program.
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Schuh's Cleaning Services Training Programs:


Our complete staff is required to have a full course of training class room and hands on training of all duties, not just the front-line staff members that are the face of the company,  it is crucial that all employees receive proper training.  Each team member must know how to clean properly and must understand our company’s values and rules of each facility we clean.

Training includeds educational buildings blocks that includes:

Orientation of all employees to the facilities that they will be cleaning.

All employees attend a in-depth orientation where they learn about the company’s policies, procedures, and most importantly they learn about the commitment to Our Cleaning standards and how to correctly do each task an duties, how this has direct impact to our customers, employees and customers.The commitment is to: “Exceed the expectations of our valued customers both in the work quality we do and the way we relate to those we come in contact with.”

A Typical Orientation program covers the following topics:

You must registered as user of our organization to access this on-line training programs and recieve Acknowledgement of you completing this course training.

Make sure to remember your user name and password you assign yourself, you will need this to return to the site:
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