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Restroom Care
A full line of bowl cleaners , disinfectants and fixture cleaners.
Restroom Care Products
Restroom Products

Tile & Fixture Cleaner - Cleans, Polishes and Maintains

299RR NEW!
Grout Avenger
- Cleans, Whitens and Maintains

Foamee - Mild Acid Restroom Cleaner

Foaming Restroom and Shower Cleaner - Scale and Soap Scum Remover


Shower and Restroom Maintenance Unit


  • This portable Shower and Restroom Maintenance Unit proportions and applies chemicals directly onto all shower and restroom surfaces.
  • The portability and versatility of this unit enhances productivity by featuring all three cleaning applications on one unit - cleaning, rinsing and sanitizing.
  • The proportioner features fingertip on/off control. Foaming and spray heads attach to 25-foot hose.
  • Uses Foaming Restroom and Shower Cleaner (#605) as the descaler and cleaner and Quat Rinse (#2331) for sanitizing and deodorizing.
  • Set-up and Operating Instructions
    Product Dilution / Tip Chart
  • Foaming Restroom & Shower Cleaner



    Quat Rinse


    Lt. Purple
    Shower and Restroom Maintenance Unit includes:

    cart, triple-valve option for two different product applications plus water rinse, 25-foot hose, 6-foot water hook-up hose, attachment basket, foam wand and spray gun.

    Technical Help
    FAQ | Instruction Manual | Dilution Charts

    Training Aids
    Restroom Wall Chart


    Your Restrooms in need of
    Sanitize, Deodorized and Maintenance Services:

     There's no denying that restrooms are the number one building maintenance concern. They're probably the number one building health hazard too. That's because the public restroom is essentially a bio-hazardous waste transfer station - a primary source of infectious disease-causing organisms within a building. More alarming, studies confirm that many bio-contaminants originating in the restroom ultimately make their way throughout a building, endangering the health of occupants and visitors. The reality is that you can't have a truly healthy building if your restrooms are not hygienically cleaned.

    Traditional tools, such as mops and wipes, do a poor job of removing soils and potentially harmful indoor bio-pollutants from restroom floors and surfaces. No-Touch Cleaning®, sometimes called spray-and-vac, is designed to thoroughly remove these contaminants in order to eliminate odors and reduce the risk of disease. Plus, workers are no longer forced to crawl around restroom floors, wiping contaminated fixtures and surfaces by hand.

    Schuh’s Services offers a variety of No-Touch Bathroom Cleaning Systems and Services. Each system combines automatic chemical metering and injection, an indoor low pressure washer, and a powerful wet vacuum into an integrated system. Empowering workers to deep clean and sanitize even the filthiest restrooms without ever having to touch soiled, contaminated surfaces,Schuh’s Services No-Touch Cleaning Systems not only clean better, but also cut labor, chemical and equipment costs while raising worker morale and image.

     Cleaner, Healthier Restrooms

    Schuh Services Bathroom Maintenance No-Touch Cleaning equipment removes soils, urine and germs from restroom floors and surfaces that traditional and microfiber mops leave behind. In fact, our No-Touch Cleaning is proven to be 60 times more effective at removing bacterial contamination than mops, which are more likely to spread soils and germs than remove them.

    In tests conducted by an independent NELAP-accredited laboratory, our No-Touch Cleaning® system removed more than 99.9% of targeted bacteria when used with plain tap water only. Bypassing the normal chemical injection process has enabled us to develop a new high speed chemical-free approach to power cleaning a restroom. This patent-pending method is 30-50% faster than the already fast chemical-assist mode, while simplifying operation and delivering outstanding cleaning results

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