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Crawl Space Inspection Services:

Do you have a crawl space odor or concern that my need address, we are a certified advance crawl space inspector.

We can inspect for conditions or structure concerns.

Crawlspace conditions can posed a personal safety hazard for you and your family.

Your home structure crawl space may result in conditions which encourage the growth of microbes such as mold.

Our inspection will include a visual inspection of the area and testing for high moisture content with specialized equipment and meter to help showed us elevated levels of moisture present in the foundation walls, walls at the time of the inspection. once the source of moisture has been found, it should be identified and corrected to avoid future damage from moisture intrusion or the potential of grow of mold.We will make sure that you have a proper equipped area with no known problems.

They are limitations based on Conditions which may limit access, this include but are not limited to any of the following:
•Less than 24 inches of headroom.
• Excessive moisture in soil or on the floor.
• Unsafe structural conditions.
• Suspected biological contamination of the crawlspace.
• Suspected chemical contamination of the crawlspace.
• Presence of pests (insects, reptiles, mammals)
• Hazardous electrical conditions

The point at which conditions represent a safety hazard is decided upon solely by the Inspector, entry or refusal of entry being completely at the Inspector’s discretion.
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